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11 – 14.02.2010


Poznań, wielkopolskie province

International Fair of Agricultural Machinery polagra

11-14.02.2010 in Poznan we took part in International Fair of Agricultural Machinery Polagra Premiery 2010. Polish minister of agriculture opened the whole ceremony.

Later on another important guest showed up on the stage. It was Maciej Stolarski, future owner of company SaMASZ, who was given very important prize from the hands of the minister – Gold Medal of Polagra Premiery 2010 for combination of three mowers GigaCUT 860 S/T.

After the celebration the time had come for true work. Maciej Stolarski shows, that not only does he feel good in the presence of ministers, but also he is well used to service of potential customers.

As usual, our stand was visited by many customers.

Our sales representative Arek Pawelski presents to our colleagues from Agroma Wrocław the advantages of snow plows – sales hit of this winter.

As we can see, our colleague Ewa Olędzka could also focus interest of our customers on our offer of municipal machines.

Karol Wdziękoński – sales director of SaMASZ during his interview to TV Biznes.

Łukasz Łapiński (on the right) during business conversation with representatives of our dealer from Iceland.

Hier Karol Wdziękoński with delegation from Lithuania. Second from left – Mr. Jonas Putna, the owner of company Laumetris.

SaMASZ's whole stand, 250 m2 on which we exhibited::

1. Combination of three mowers GigaCUT 860 S/T - Gold Medal MTP
2. Arm-type flail mower KWT 650/110 (new)
3. Rear disc mower with central suspension KDTC 260
4. Rotary tedder P6 - 650 (new)
6. Rotary rake Z 410 with additional ground following wheel
7. Rotary rake Z 350
8. Rear flail mower (mulcher) KBR 160
9. Front-rear flail mower (mulcher) KB 250
10. Front disc mower - KDF 300
11. Front drum mower - Z 007
12. Rear disc mower - KDT 260
13. Snow plow - PSV 180
14. Rear disc mower "light" - KDL 240
15. Rear drum mower - Z 010/2

On our stand we presented our most recognizable combination of three mowers GigaCUT 860 ST.